Kareli Fruits has assumed a leadership position in its industry with its Chikori brand of dried fruit snacks. The Chikori brand offers fruit lovers two wonderfully delicious ways to enjoy all natural dried fruits. Purists can choose between Chikori Dried Prunes (pitted or whole), Chikori Dried Fruit Mix (a delicious blend of dried prunes, apples and pears), and Chikori Dried Watermelon. For fruit lovers looking for something a touch more decadent, Chikori unites its mouth-watering dried fruits with intensely rich, locally produced, dark chocolate.

Seeking to expand operations with other fruit based products, and continuing to source only the best, locally grown fruits, the company has launched production of 100% natural apple juice under the Delia brand.

Both brands deliver highly nutritious, fruit-based experiences that are low in calories, rich in fiber, and jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamins and beneficial phytochemicals. Whichever you select, Chikori and Delia brands are flavor packed treats that can be enjoyed anywhere... any time.

With support from the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, the company plans to expand even further. By increasing the number of products it can offer, Kareli Fruits seeks to make worthwhile contributions to regional and rural development, creating jobs and well-being throughout Georgia.